Mum told she’s being sensitive and ‘precious’ over teacher’s innocent ‘banter’

A mother was offended after a teacher said that hometime was their favourite part of the workday, and she turned to the internet to ask others if she was overreacting

A mother has been told she is being ‘over sensitive’ and ‘precious’ after she got offended by an innocent comment made by her daughter’s teacher.

The woman shared her story anonymously on parenting forum Mumsnet, in the ‘Am I Being Unreasonable’ category, asking other mothers what they thought of the comment.

She said that as she was picking her daughter up they bumped into the young girl’s teacher, who said that going home is ‘the best part of the day’, as the Liverpool Echo reports.

The mother thought that was a ‘s****y’ thing to say, but other parents told her she was being unreasonable and had overreacted.

The mum wrote: “Am I being unreasonable to think my daughter’s teacher shouldn’t have said this?

“My daughter and I bumped into her year one teacher outside school this afternoon. My daughter said to her, ‘are you going home?’ And the teacher said, ‘yes, it’s the best part of the day’.

“Am I being unreasonable to think it’s a slightly s****y thing to say to a little kid who’s in your care all day?

“Genuinely interested to know if I’m being over-sensitive.”

The mum’s post was met with more than 150 comments, with many Mumsnet users keen to share their thoughts.

One said: “You’re being ridiculous.”

“Is this your first child?” asked a second user. “Seriously, it’s just friendly banter”.

While another user said: “It’s probably your child’s best part of the day as well.”

Another Mumsnet user commented: “So she’s meant to prefer spending five hours with your little darling over going home, taking off her bra, stuffing chocolate in her face and cuddling her own kids? It’s lighthearted OP [original poster].”

And another said: “You really think teachers should pretend they want to be with their pupils 24/7?! Your little cherub is not everyone’s cherub!”

And another added: “My new class dance around the classroom to the Friday song, which they did in reception too. They are just as excited by the end of the day/week as the adults. You are being over sensitive, yes!”